Tides of Love


A SPURNED WOMAN Elle Beaumont has learned life's lessons the hard way--by foolishly exposing her youthful heart to love, only to have it broken when her true love fled Pilot Island, North Carolina. Now Noah Garrettis back, rekindling dreams she'd given up for lost, and turning her world upside down. Elle's girlish yearning for him has become something more powerful than she'd ever imagined. 




Release Date: Nov. 10, 2011 Series: Seaswept Seduction Genre: Historical Romance Book: 1 in Series

Series: Garrett Brothers

AN HONORABLE MAN, a man dedicated to science and rational judgment, Noah rejects all notions of romance...until the girl who used to cling to him like a shadow begins haunting his every thought.  But even as hestruggles to resist Elle's sensuous beauty and the wildfire attraction eruptingbetween them, Noah cannot deny that their passion is as irresistible and endlessas the tides of love.

Kindle Bestseller -- Historical Romance

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