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Welcome to Passion Attic

Hey, guys! I'm going to hang out here as often as I can. Why Passion Attic? To me that's a great name for the place we store the things we love. What do I love? Music, film, novels, travel. I'm a huge reader of the romance genre (big surprise, I know) and am currently reading Sofie Darling's Three Lessons in Seduction, but if you'd like to see my entire reading list, find me on Bookbub.

The biggest book news I have at the moment is the release on November 14th of the final in my Garrett Brothers series, Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance! A festive novella just in time for the holidays! Readers have asked for Caleb's story for a long time, and I just didn't have a plan for him. Until Macy Dallas stepped into the picture in Tides of Passion!

Spirited physician Macy Dallas is fervently committed to medicine, but a troubled past has kept her from committing to love. She’s never experienced ardent yearning for a man until she kisses Caleb Garrett…and her awakening passion is impossible to resist.

A gifted boat builder who is dedicated only to the sea, Caleb doesn’t believe in the power of love. A wretched childhood has governed his life until he doesn’t believe he has anything to offer. A beguiling puzzle, Macy challenges his fears, and he considers giving in to their explosive passion. Even though he knows he’s not the man she deserves.

I'm giving away copies of Tides of Desire to the first ten readers who contact me at tracy@tracy-sumner.com!

Happy reading! And thanks for stopping by.


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