• tracysumner

Release Day! Times Two!

I'm thrilled to announce that TIDES OF DESIRE has been released! Readers have asked about Caleb's story for a long time. He's the middle Garrett brother -- and like Jan on the The Brady Bunch (remember her?) -- middle children often have to wait a little longer for their happy endings. ;) I love that he finally has one with Macy Dallas. An irresistible love affair that started with a kiss! Come along to the Outer Banks, 1899 for a steamy romance Christmas tale.

Also, the audio version of TIDES OF LOVE just released yesterday on Audible! I wasn't exactly sure of this timing, so this was a surprise. A happy one!

Thank you to everyone who asked for Caleb's story! I love you guys!

BTW, Noah (TIDES OF LOVE) is my personal favorite. Though readers love Zach (TIDES OF PASSION) the most!

You'll have to let me know who YOUR favorite is. tracy@tracy-sumner.com


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